About Us

This is us, Cynthia and Todd Heady.  We had a night trail run at Waverly Park around Halloween.  We all dressed up and it was so much fun!  The company we own is Headfirst Performance, we put on races, time races, and help others with their races.  We have been doing this for years.

Todd did his first triathlon on 1983 and has done a variety of things over the years.  From sprints, to ultras.  His next adventure is an off road triathlon in North Dakota. It is in July and he is now learning to ride a mountain bike!

I started running in 1998 after smoking for 22 years.  That is a story all it's own.  I have enjoyed triathlons but find my home in the woods.  My next adventure is UTMB,  I am scared and excited!

The shirts we give out at our races are either, Canvas Bella, Next Level, American Apparel, Tulex, Alternative Apparel, and any other shirt I like at the time.  When we started putting on races I wanted to give shirts I wanted to wear. Many of the races I did I gave out ugly shirts,  That lead us to ordering, designing, and printing our own shirts. 

We are located in Finchville, Ky.  You can find us on facebook.  Feel free to send me a friend request.  You can follow Todd on Twitter.